Meanwhile I will start testing the modified Fuji, I still confident CANON and SONY should be major cameras for astro photography for a while. I still like optical view finder, which makes the composing quite comfortable. so as camera handling, I prefer to DSLR like 6D. Image result?, probably too early to call. But I feel like SONY sensor has a bit more QE at Ha wavelength. Our community should clarify soon.


*SONY : Canon flange back version w/camera rotator and filter box

BTW, now SONY astronomical UV/IR blocking version is available too. So you can select either no filter or UV/IR blocking. One suggestion to choose is that, if you wish to use LPS or HEUIBII filters, I recommend no filter version. Those filters work as UV/IR blocking. Less number of filter is always less possibility for internal reflection. So Ideal option is no filter.


~ by tedishikawa on January 29, 2015.

2 Responses to “CANON & SONY”

  1. Will you publish some tests on noise levels of the 6D vs the a7s at various speeds in similar long exposures? That would be very interesting! Thanks, Ted.

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