BORG 55FL Binoscope & Daurian Redstart

I just set up twin 55FL scopes for binoviewing.

55flbino1 55flbino2This is 250mm focal length real fluorite binoculars and should give me pleasing wide-field bino-viewing. AOK Swiss binoscope platform has great design, which allows for the perfect collimation mechanically. I built up the system and mechanically re-collimated for initial setup, and ready to go out the field. I will try to catch the comet tonight.

BORG-proprietary modular(or transformation) concept makes the system setup quite easy without any custom-made adapter. 67FL and 71FL can be set up like this, by just adding extension tubes.

BORG Fluorite optics, Matsumoto mirror diagonal with mirror collimators and AOK Swiss’s collimatable platform give us the compromise-free binovewing. I don’t hesitate mentioning this is the best binoculars in the market. Only drawback is not a hand-held item though. Anyway, this should become my long-time companion.

These images were Daurian Redstart taken by Mr.BORG – Noboru Nakagawa at Nara.

DSCF4178xst DSCF4179xst DSCF4192st


BORG 36ED + Fuji X-T1

Again, they show the perfect matching with BORG and Fuji camera for the nature photography.


~ by tedishikawa on January 19, 2015.

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