BORG 55FL – 1 & Happy New Year!!

55FL comes in stock now. This should become super guider and imager. 250mm is same focal length as a popular 50Ach guider. But this is larger aperture and further faster speed. So theoretically the camera captures more guide star photon at same exposure time. And it works as the premium wide field imaging scope too.

Basic package is something like following setup as Series 60 configuration (part # 6255)


As usual, however, I start playing it around by my favorite way. First, 0.85x reducer is set with Series 80 tube. The advantage for Series 80 is to allow you to use Feather touch focuser. As anticipated, a tube is very short because of 210mm/F3.8 optics. 50mm long tube is only allowed for infinity focusing.  So hard to clamp a tube by mounting rings.

55fl1 2555 + 7680 + 7050 + 7801 + 7835 + 7885

So I plan to carry 7680’s double-threaded ring, which allows to set two tubes as follows. This solution creates more clamping space without squeezing the objective lens.


This setup will be good for 60ED objective too. The dedicated super reducer is under development. That reducer should require further shorter tube. So this kind of solution should be very useful.

Following is the uncropped image at 210mm/F3.8 with modified SONY 7H through IDAS V4 filter.This reducer is not intended to be used with full frame camera. But it somehow illuminates the entire full frame although it shows light drop-off toward edge. Once I have the chance, I will make star test. BTW, this was taken through LPS-V4 filter. No color balance adjusted. Looking good! 
_DSC0136Next, I will show Series 60’s 210mm/F3.8 guider/imager package.

I think this is my last DigiBorg update in 2014. Thanks again for viewing my blog long time.

I wish you will have a wonderful new year!!

~ by tedishikawa on December 30, 2014.

2 Responses to “BORG 55FL – 1 & Happy New Year!!”

  1. That’s a great solution for clamping rings Ted. I like the two larger 80mm tubes joined together, nice idea.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year…Paul

    • Paul,

      Thanks for your comment. I will announce here once an adapter will be commercially available.

      Have a happy new year!


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