1st Shot by BORG 90FL + SONY A7H

Following is one of some targets taken last night.

rosetteBORG 90FL + Dedicated reducer – prototype (not cropped) w/SONY A7H and IDAS LPS-V4

10 x 5 minutes at ISO1000, dark/flat applied

This was my 1st attempt under the good sky condition. A new reducer is performing very well with 90FL. I highly recommend this optical system for full frame camera.

~ by tedishikawa on December 23, 2014.

3 Responses to “1st Shot by BORG 90FL + SONY A7H”

  1. Wonderful image Ted! Could you provide some details? How many subs of what exposure? Did you take darks and flats?

  2. Whoa! Am I understanding this correctly that you have an A7S that has been modified by removing the commercial IR filter?

    Where can I get one!?

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