55FL & Arca Swiss Mounting Plate

Following 3 new parts are now available from BORG.



This is 5th fluorite optics from BORG. The dedicated reducer for full frame sensor is under development and scheduled to be released next year. 7885 – 0.85x reducer for APS-C sensor and 55FL, which takes down to 210mm/F3.8 optics. It should be the great match with today’s SONY small pixel and high sensitive sensors.



This is 55FL’s prime focus telephoto lens set. Adding each camera adapter, it gets ready to go and focus from 3 m to the infinity. This is very attractive package deal. 5 parts other than the objective cost overs $400. So this package is highly recommended for new BORG owners. The helical focuser itself is $263.00 value.


8991This should be great component for the users who own BORG scopes and Arca Swiss-compatible tripod head interface. 3/8″ and 1/4″ threaded holes allows to virtually fit any tripod and head. Universal design!! Following 3161 allows to set non-BORG rings and scope onto Arca Swiss head.



~ by tedishikawa on December 19, 2014.

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