55FL & 90FL With New Reducer

As mentioned earlier, a new fluorite member – 55FL is scheduled to be released end of this month.

2555as 2555bsThis is 250mm / F4.5 optics. Like all others BORG objectives, 55FL allows to set 58mm filter in front. A black version will be only available. Pictures show fully solid lens cell. Unlike conventional telephoto lenses, I expect super clean and high contrast image by this optics. The dedicated reducer for covering full frame sensor is planned.

PB290223sPB290243s  55FL + Olympus E-P5

Before leaving for Japan last month, I had somehow a little time to go to the dark site to test a new reducer for 90FL. Unfortunately, sky condition was not totally good. So my goal was to take a shot and see the performance. Following were unguided one JPEG frame taken through thin clouds. Passing clouds didn’t allow me to shoot multiple shots in long time.

_MG_0006s2 _MG_0028s290FL + prototype of new reducer + 6DH, uncropped (no dark/flat)


As you can see, the reducer creates very clean image entire full frame sensor as initially expected. Hopefully I will try again in the coming new moon time.

~ by tedishikawa on December 8, 2014.

One Response to “55FL & 90FL With New Reducer”

  1. Fantastic Ted, this new reducer looks very very fine!

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