Since my wife finally upgraded her iPhone, now her 5S turned the dedicated thermographer. It’s a scientifically good toy.


I noticed one of good features is to see the temperature even for distant objects.  I’m not sure how far it can measure though. Thermography only shows relative temperature difference in each color. But this number should be absolute and hopefully accurate. This is very interesting to see.



Silver body

FLIR0045Teal body

I will be pointing more targets around to see the invisible. In California, the drought is becoming serious problem and the synthetic grass is getting popular to save the water these days. I’m thinking of it especially for my front yard too. But I’m very curious how much temperature different is between real and synthetic. I will walk around my neighbor to measure.


~ by tedishikawa on October 28, 2014.

2 Responses to “FLIR”

  1. It will be very interesting to learn how it performs.
    When I’m not doing astronomy and birding with my Borg scope, I do home energy consulting – a big part of which depends on using professional thermal cameras.

    The difficulty is spatial resolution. The thermal sensors, even on my professional equipment, are very low resolution (i.e. <256×256). So it's easy to get inaccurate readings if there's a spot of heat that's smaller than a pixel. In addition, there's a property of the material called 'emissivity' which determines how much heat it actually radiates relative to the actual heat present. For example, a perfect radiator has an emissivity of 1.0, so the reading you get will be accurate. But shiny stainless steel is <0.1 so it will read much cooler than it really is. You also have to worry about reflections of heat sourced – try looking at your thermal reflection in different windows! It's an entire fascinating science.

    Have fun with the thermal iPhone

    • Ted

      Thanks for your professional comment. If you will take wildlife photography by 71FL, please feel free sending to me. I’m looking forward to it.


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