90FL F3.9 (with 0.7x Reducer – 7870)

I posted 90FL F3.6’s performance several days ago. This is the recent feedback from one of 90FL owners – Sam Berrada. While many 90FL users are waiting for the dedicated reducer, he had 0.7x reducer already. So he wanted to see how 90FL works with 0.7x reducer  while he noticed the reducer was not optimized for 90FL. Here is his result.

Picture saved with settings applied.

90FL F3.9 + modified T3i + IDAS LPS-P2, 10 x 4 minutes at ISO 100(!!)

Surprisingly this was taken in the city of Montreal.  IDAS LPS should do great job as expected. While the dedicated reducer is scheduled, this result shows the current reducer still works with up to APS-C sensors too. According to him, this was not completely focused yet because the optical system is a bit too long to reach the focus at the infinity. Sorry for that, Sam. So he expects he can make the image sharper and capture more faint nebulosity. Anyway, 90FL + 7870 is promising for APS-C sensor or smaller.


~ by tedishikawa on October 27, 2014.

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