Sigma Art Series Lense

Hutech starts carrying Sigma lenses as one of authorized dealers and have setup the special lens kit with Canon 6DH as Hutech original. Sigma’s newly-designed Art Series lenses are superb optics which is best match the modified full frame camera like 6D and creates premium wide-field astro photography.


EOS6T + Sigma 35mm/F1.4 Art : $2,995.00


EOS6T + Sigma 50mm/F1.4 Art : $3,050.00

As you have the chance to check the individual lens price, you will see how special these set prices are.

Latest Terry Dickinson’s SkyNews magazine article on performance of 6DH and 50mm lens explains everything of the optical performance of Sigma Art Series lenses. For Canadian users, check back his review in latest issue.  Also you can see some of my test shots taken with 35mm one before.



I have fully same feeling as Terry’s. These are the excellent lenses I’ve ever used. I have some of other Sigma lenses. But Art Series are obviously different grade from others. If someone are looking for high quality super wide-field astrophotography, this is it!!



~ by tedishikawa on October 22, 2014.

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