90FL F3.6 & Gorgeous M33 by 125SD F3.9

I have decided to go for it commercially.

b09036s[B09036] – 2590* – 7102* – 7801 – 7835* – 7704

* : parts of package #6290 

1.7kg / 365mm

b09036s[B09036FTF] – 2590 – 7102 – 7801 – FTF-BORG – FTF-M57 – 7704

1.9kg / 365mm

_MG_2041Full resolution [1.3MB]

A BORG designer suggested me to add a thinner spacer at front reducer assembly to minimize the field of the curvature. This a bit widens the separation of two reducer assemblies. Spacing looks working to me. So I decided to carry these packages. Also I encourage BORG users who own both 90FL and 7704 to try out. A large and thinner spacer at front reducer and, a smaller and thicker spacer at the rear. This should be mostly optimized for 90FL and 7704. This should be the fun scope.  I’m not a strong image stretching person. So I should be able to work with the illumination issue. I’m looking forward to using this system next weekend.

Long-time BORG user – Scott Denning sent me the wonderful M33 image taken with his 125SD F3.9 system.

M33.smallA combination of 50 ten-minute subs using L-R-G-B-Ha with Borg 125SD @ f3.9. Taken 9/25 and 9/26 at 10,500 feet elevation at a very dark site in Wyoming.


~ by tedishikawa on October 17, 2014.

One Response to “90FL F3.6 & Gorgeous M33 by 125SD F3.9”

  1. Hey Ted,

    You state the weight of the 90FL’s lens assembly is 2 kg.

    What’s the total weight of Part 6290 including the 90FL?

    Thanks, appreciate your help.


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