Red Moon & Deep Sky Objects

Here is some more lunar images from BORG users.

red moon 290FL + Fujifilm X-T1 by Matthew Schuster

m42This was taken during the totality with same configuration as the above by Matt

As far as I know, Fuji’s sensor assembly including optical filters is most capable of capturing Ha wavelength as stocked (or regular) cameras. As mentioned before, transmission rate at Ha is close to Canon 60Da. I love Fuji camera for regular daytime shots. If someone are looking for a camera for both daytime and astro without any special treatment such as the camera conversion, this should be the best option in my opinion. Fuji camera creates great color reproduction and fine details. It’s positively not digital-like crisp edge. But still resolved well. More film-taste natural finish as ex-film manufacturer. I’m expecting they will be commercially providing more realistic 3-layered sensor based on their film production know-how ASAP.

And the next from Dave Kodama – 1st BORG customer when Hutech started carrying BORG. He still owns several BORG systems including 100ED, 125ED F2.8(two?), 76ED and some Mini BORGs. This was taken with 100ED with 0.85x focal reducer and Nikon D600 at Anza (OCA club observing site).


And following M31 were recently taken by Fred Eiserling.

Galaxy M31-D700101EDII F4.3 + Nikon D700

Galaxy M31-6Dm101EDII F4.3 + Canon 6DH

All are very nice images!!


~ by tedishikawa on October 9, 2014.

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