BORG 7315

BORG’s 7315 – 1.25″ helical focuser is one of most popular item among BORG components. I’m sure many number of people are currently using this handy focuser by various ways.  This is the precise non-rotating focuser. So perfect match with small cameras and allows to achieve fine focusing while minimizing additional weight and light path. I noticed we are having common order as same combination – 7315 + 7423 these days. So I wanted to share with someone who don’t realize yet.

7423 which has T-thread female allows to connect 7315 onto T-thread male. Here is one example to use these 2 parts. As you know, Lunt’s blocking filter diagonal has T-thread male when 1.25″ holder is removed.

7315I’m sure 7423+7315 should be very useful in most of telescopes too. For visual observing, you may replace 7315 with 4317 – lower cost’s rotating focuser. If you are looking for something to help more precise focusing, this is it. BTW, 7315 has t-threaded male at camera side. So if two thumbscrews are removed, t-threaded camera can be connected without camera’s nosepiece. That’s should be more rigid and useful for guiding purpose or long exposure.  T-to-C adapter allows to attach c-mount camera without camera’s nosepiece too.


~ by tedishikawa on September 26, 2014.

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