SH2-129 and SH2-132 through BORG 60ED F4.0

These are wonderful narrowband images taken with BORG 60ED F4.0 and Sony H694 chip camera by Michael Keith. I totally didn’t know there were such teal color emission inside sh2-129. I’ve never seen this kind of quality image before. So Michael’s image surprised me a lot.

sh2-129-sm sh2-132Here is his comment on imaging data.

Both of these images use narrowband filters.  The image of Sh2-129 (Sharpless 129) is H-alpha and O-III only, while the image of sh2-132 (Sharpless 132) is a full tricolor image with H-alpha, O-III, and S-II.  In both images, RGB exposures are also used but just for supplying proper star colors.  Note that the large blue/green object in the image of Sh2-129 is the unusual nebula known as Ou4, discovered in 2011.
As described at my blog here several times, small but high sensitive Sony sensor is best match with short focal length optics like BORG for wide-field. These images prove that.

Rich color of stars and nebulae. Great finish!!, Michael. I’m looking forward to seeing another quality of your image shortly.

Technical note on Ou4 can be downloaded at


~ by tedishikawa on September 10, 2014.

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