Yesterday’s Sun by Modified Alpha 6000

This was 4 hours session yesterday. Unfortunately, there was no big solar activity there. This was 1st solar test with A6000 after modified. The shutter speed was already fastest(1/4000″) even before modified.  So no big advantage in shutter speed. Although at least I could lower ISO setting, I wish the camera has up to 1/8000″. I feel reflections got less because of no filters after modified.

Solarscope Ltd 50 + BORG 77EDII + Modified A6000

It is too early to judge A6000 performance. But at least I can say Olympus’s tilt EVF is very comfortable during focusing.  Mine is Olympus’s 1st generation  external EVF – 1440K dots. Current’s 2360K dots type might make focusing more comfortable. Anyway, these Epson-made TFT display devices are premium quality. I don’t know Sony’s EVF is their-made or Epson though. Probably same. In any cases, tilt-function is big help for the sun. I will try to use A6000 for night sky next.

~ by tedishikawa on September 3, 2014.

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