Modified Sony Alpha 6000

I start playing around the modified Alpha 6000 with several different filters.

a6000aFull Spectrum(no filter) A6000 + Canon lens + E-to-EOS adapter


ir72With Hoya R72


heuibWith IDAS HEUIB-II 37mm filter & MFA under AWB mode


HEUIB-II is well designed to use both astro and regular daytime shots in AWB mode, without changing any camera setting. This filter fully transmits our important emission – Ha while optimizing the color balance. Very well designed by IDAS. If you have the modified camera and your sky is not heavily light polluted, this is the one piece solution for astro and regular daytime shots.

berlirWith IDAS BERLIR 37mm filter and MFA

Above all 3 were taken in AF. Thanks for contrast AF function. This should be one of big advantages in mirrorless cameras.

berlirIDAS Berlir filter allows you to shoot the false color IR imaging without replacing different filters. Following video was taken with Berlir filter in 2900k color temperature. I guess this filter might be very unique in the market which allows to create the false color IR video. At least I don’t have the professional motion picture software to change color balance. So the use of optical filter and in-camera pre-setting are only way at least for myself.


~ by tedishikawa on September 2, 2014.

2 Responses to “Modified Sony Alpha 6000”

  1. Have you tried the modified Sony on the sun yet

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    I uploaded the yesterday’s sun by A6000.


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