Partial Solar Eclipse in October 23rd

Partial solar eclipse can be viewed in entire North America on October 23rd. You can check the eclipse simulation at your location at following page.

eclipseNow we have simulated how Hinode SG – solar guider would be affected by the shape of the sun during eclipse.The sun will be shifted based on the shape of the sun. But fortunately, non-eclipsed portion will be kept at the center all the time. Don’t worry, the sun doesn’t go away at all.

hutech(Click and scroll the page down to the bottom)

Eclipse is the long run – looks like 2.5 hours at my location. So auto guiding is a kind of must-item, which especially allows us to concentrate on enjoying visual observing. Manual corrections are so painful. I had such struggling experiences in previous Annular eclipse and Venus transit. Even if I tried to keep centering the sun, still the sun were moving around much on the sensor. To especially create long-run time lapse movie, I don’t hesitate to say auto guiding is needed or practically very comfortable if setup will be done in daytime, as one of the struggling-experienced astro users.

Enjoy visual observing during the eclipse as well as comfortable imaging with Hinode auto guider at same time this year!!

For visual observing, I highly recommend image-stabilizer built-in binoculars such as Canon. Those are very comfort in viewing. And use high-quality eye-safe solar filters which fully block or absorb the heat wavelength – infrared.


~ by tedishikawa on August 28, 2014.

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