FLIR – Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR, as well known as the manufacturer for thermal imaging cameras for defense or some special applications, converts their technology into consumer product using with iPhone. Fortunately, my wife owns iPhone 5 (5 and 5s only work with this device at this moment). I instantly clicked to buy since the price was surprisingly consumer level.

flirFLIR0014Canon 6D after 10 minutes exposure – camera inside is heated up as expected.

FLIR0013One of very interesting features (I didn’t notice when I bought) is two sensors (=I guess) capture two images at same time and combine into one, so that we can see object’s outline as well as thermal graphics like above. This is really nice feature!! I like very much. I will play it around for new world. I hope I can find out some interesting applications in our industry.

FLIR Web site



~ by tedishikawa on August 26, 2014.

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