Sony Alpha 6000

I start playing around Sony Alpha 6000. Before modifying a camera, I wanted to take some test shots. Fortunately, AC adapter and remote timer controller are now available from 3rd parties. So ready to go for astro photography.

DSCF2039m45BORG 90FL F4.7 (with 7887 reducer) + A6000, 16 x 3 minutes at ISO1600, dark frame applied

I have some notices on camera performances.

1) I have little experience for astro photography by the stocked cameras. So hard to say the performance as the stocked camera in my mind. But this image shows me more internal reflections than I experienced before. This is not conclusion though. Anyway, after removing Sony filters, I wonder how modified 6000 shows clean stars. I’ve never taken M45 with modified 6D. Probably I guess Canon 6D doesn’t have such level of halos at similar bright stars at least. But I have no experience by the unmodified 6D. So this level of reflections might be common in stocked cameras.

m31aExactly same imaging data as M45

Basically I bought this camera for solar imaging. I thought this level of reflections should degrade the image contrast in solar imaging. So this result has encouraged me to remove optical filters ASAP.

2) Again no direct comparison. But I feel the camera is a bit noisy at ISO 1600 in my mind. This is summer time. But surprisingly temperature was cooler than normal in southern California last weekend. Dark was applied by same way usually I do for 6D. So at least processing way should be equal or very similar.

3) One good thing I noticed for recent Sony cameras is to allow to adjust shutter speed even in video mode, up to 1/4th”. So I’m curious how good this feature is for such meteor events, for example This camera is not as sensitive as 7S. But I want to try videography in low light condition.


A6000 + E-to-EF adapter + Sigma 50mm/F1.4

Mount adapter allows to control the aperture electrically and set IDAS MFA filters. So IDAS HEUIB-II filter turns normal color balance for modified video camera. This should be the way to go for astro videography with modified camera.



~ by tedishikawa on August 25, 2014.

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