This is 1st appearance for 55FL.


55FL Objective + 7057(M57 iris) + 7861 + 7205 + 7885(0.85x reducer) + Sony Alpha 7S


No cropped, full frame size at F3.8

DSC07393sIn-body cropping mode to APS-C at F3.8

While the dedicated reducer is prepared for 55FL, we want to see how current 0.85x reducer works. Since the reducer was designed for APS-C sensor, the severe light drop-off can be seen in full frame. APS-C shows good performance in entire frame more than expected. Although astro result is not done yet, we realized 7885 somehow works with 55FL for up to APS-C sensor as designed. These shows fluorite-like quality.


~ by tedishikawa on August 22, 2014.

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