DayStar with BORG

I got 1st Quark to figure out what BORG configuration is the best with Quark.

The optics I used first was 67FL. It is 300mm focal length. 25mm Ortho eyepiece was the perfect match for full disk, and showed me very clean and high-contrast solar image. This looks one of best view like what I saw through my UK’s Solarscope LTD filter. The background is dark enough to see faint prominences. It assures me DayStar filter well minimizes the internal reflections.


ds282mm UV/IR filter is set in front of the objective

And APS-C covers full disk in 300mm focal length.

ds3No cropped single shot by 67FL(300mm) with Fuji X-E2

This is just the image scale test. I will fully focus with tracking mount next time. I’ve never touched tuning knob today. So I will adjust and see the difference the next too. This is my 1st time with DayStar filter and I realized I have to wait until green lamp (in case of Quark) turns on. So I need to learn and experience more for best possible result. One day I plan to shoot with Sony Alpha 6000 since it has 24 M pixels. Hopefully it should be better than X-E2 for solar imaging in resolution wise.  Overall, DayStar Quark looks performing as high-quality Ha filter I expected and encourages me a lot to seriously use. Great products!!


~ by tedishikawa on August 15, 2014.

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