DayStar Solar Filter – Quark

Hutech starts carrying DayStar’s new-concept Ha solar filter – Quark and plans to prepare for some BORG special packages including Japanese-made high-quality UV/IR blocking energy rejection filter. Once we receive units, we will write up my testing report here.

dsI will try to figure out what focal length, F-ratio, eyepieces and cameras are good combination to achieve full disk view. BORG 50 should be the best to start. Focal length is 250mm. Since Quark multiples 4.2, system focal length will be just 1000mm. I believe it should be short enough for some eyepieces and at least APS-C sensor. My challenge will be how I can maximize the aperture size while maintaining full disk view.  Let’s see.



~ by tedishikawa on August 7, 2014.

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