Sony E-mount Filter System

Hutech starts offering following two IDAS filter systems for Sony E-mount cameras. These systems allow to set filters between lenses and bodies, so that the interference type of filters such as LPSs can be used with wide-angle lenses without spectrum shift issue.

1) Sony Taper

kadThe set comes with 2 pieces – taper holder (body side)and taper/bayonet adapter for Canon and Nikon. A taper unit is attached body’s opening chrome plate directly. Remove body’s original 4 screws to attach it. This system allows to use IDAS 52mm filters. So large enough for Sony full frame sensors like Alpha 7 series. Also the adapter works as camera rotator when it is attached onto telescopes. But as you see, original E-mount lenses can’t be used. (A taper holder has to be removed) So this is more suitable for the dedicated astro or scientific cameras. Also no aperture control from camera either.  This adapter set is now available at Hutech.

2) Sony MFA

mfasony3rd party’s E-mount/Canon EF adapter is used with current IDAS EOS/MFA filters. This adapter has the electrical pins so that it electrically controls EOS lens aperture from Sony camera body. Canon lens’s rear element 33mm diameter or smaller is recommended to be used with.

This is the manufacturer’s page for this adapter.


Since 3rd party’s programmable remote timer controller for some of e-mount cameras such as Alpha 7 series and 6000 is available in the market now, we plan to offer the pre-modified Sony cameras like Canon.  AC adapter was available from before. Now with a wired remote timer controller, Sony alpha gets ready as system for astro imaging finally.


~ by tedishikawa on July 31, 2014.

2 Responses to “Sony E-mount Filter System”

  1. Can you provide a link to the 3rd party wired remote timer controller, please?

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