90FL 1st Light

Although the sky was not good condition last night, fortunately I had the chance to point 90FL to the sky.

90flc90FL + 0.85x reducer (#7887) + 6DH

ic1805s90FL F4.7, 20 x 5 minutes at ISO3200 with IDAS LPS-V4-52, entire full frame (no cropped)

Since high clouds were passing time to time, I didn’t want to set the long exposure. To minimize each frame, I decided to go with ISO3200. This was my 1st time to use such high ISO. So I was curious how noisy it was. I have “not-so-bad” feeling especially even at summer temperature. The image was applied to the dark, stacked and slightly stretched only. That’s all. Nothing else.  No flat, even no color adjustment either.  Actually I don’t have any sophisticated image processing technique. So This is always what I can do anyway.

I borrowed this 7887 from the club friend. As expected, 7887 creates quite flat illumination entire full frame sensor. So I didn’t feel I needed to take the flat. This result reminds me of 7887’s all-around-player type of performance. It’s quite easy to use it with any type of optics -F ratio and focal length etc.  It is really good optical design!!

As you might see, there are some coma at each corner. So it’s not optimized for 90FL yet. We have to wait for the dedicated super reducer for full frame camera users. But at least I realized no problem for APS-C sensor at all. Or the distance might remove coma. I will make more test while adding spacer.

Unfortunately the sky was a bit hazy because of monsoon condition in southern California. But fluorite optics seems to show clean and good contrast image as expected.   So far (until the dedicated reducer will come up), 7887 is best match with 90FL.

Keep in mind, as always I’m using LPS-V4 filter. The above image results from the performance of this filter too. The filter maintains good color balance while making background darker.  I love LPS-V4!!

I have an another target taken with same setup and other images by new BORG 50mm. I will try to process images little by little.

~ by tedishikawa on July 27, 2014.

2 Responses to “90FL 1st Light”

  1. Beautiful image Ted. Excellent details and color. The 90mm looks like it will be an excellent imaging instrument. The 7887 worked very well with it also. Grats.

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