OPT Show

OPT show was held last Saturday. Fortunately this year the marine layer was gone away earlier than usual. So we could enjoy solar viewing long time.

opt4Hinode SG kept the sun at the center all the time during the show

opt5Solar binoscope with IDAS white light filters – was really nice 3D-like view. This is no tracking mount. I was just using Hinode as the solar finder.  Some of experienced solar observers noticed how good this solar image was. All said very clean and high contrast image. Mostly it results in the quality of IDAS filter. Premium quality coating and research grade glass surfaces. And personally my favorite color, not too orange. If we have the chance to compare side by side, it could be quite easy to see the difference. Also this EMS diagonal shows the true sun face. Usually we are looking at the reversed face with conventional diagonals. Anyway, these are Japanese ALL-STAR players. IDAS filter, BORG optics, Matsumoto mirror erecting diagonal and Hutech Orthoscopic eyepieces.  So no surprise at the overall performance.


opt3New 90FL – surprisingly very compact – 400mm long and 2.2kg at this setup. This system with 2″ Feather Touch focuser allows to reach the focus at the infinity with 2″ diagonal. Great travel scope.

opt7Gakken WORLDEYE spherical projector, quite new concept. Video showed rotational global objects such as Jupiter and Mars etc. Many were interested much too.


~ by tedishikawa on July 14, 2014.

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