BORG 90FL -2

I start playing around with 90FL. I got a white one first and check around what imaging configuration is proper. At this moment, only field flattener should work with 90FL. Upper configuration is 150mm tube and drawtube with helical focuser. The lower is 135mm without drawtube with Feather Touch focuser.

90fla90FL + 7135 + 7752 + 7835 + 7352 + 7108 + 7923 + 5005

90flb90FL + 7150 + 7801 + FTF-BORG + FTF-M57 + 7603 + 7352 + 7108 + 7923 + 5005

I will keep more considering several systems including visual setup.

BTW, these images were taken at F8 with BORG 50mm lens. I noticed the focus depth was still thin and  it was not stopped down enough to focus the whole area.  Very sharp optics!

Meanwhile, following is the black version as telephoto lens. Cool!!

DSC01580s DSC01827s


~ by tedishikawa on July 9, 2014.

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