89ED & 50/2.8

Professional wildlife photographer – Rei Ohara is using 89ED as his primary telephoto lens. He came to America to take Prairie Dog photography.

5FDSF2199 5FDSF2840 5FDSF3031 5FDSF312989ED + M75 Iris + 1.4x teleconverter + Fujifim X-T1

One of the reasons I like Fuji’s camera is to create the smooth and clean background BOKEH unlike other brand cameras.

dscf0006This is all of his gear. He puts all in this one bag including 600mm telephoto lens. BORG-proprietary modular-design allows for that.

Fuji camera is looking good match with 50/2.8.


One of good thing for 50/2.8 is smaller OD – 45mm.

DSC05849sMost of lenses are affected by this type of mesh fence

DSC05853s50/2.8 + M42 helical focuser + Sony Alpha 7R

You will see new world over the fence. Series 45 scope such as 36ED allows to do the same.


~ by tedishikawa on June 19, 2014.

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