EL-BORG 50/2.8

It’s the time to officially announce details for EL-BORG 50mm.

2850Part # 2850 – $285.00


Focal length : 50mm

F-ratio : 2.8 (~16)

Lens configuration : Fully multi-coated 6 elements in 4 groups

Filter size : 37.5mm

Back focus : 41.3mm

P6170560jss Shown with an optional hood


Each unit is handcrafted by the skillful technician with 100% all Japanese materials. CIMG0213s

I hope I will have the chance to take some test shots next week. I expect it will be clean and high-contrast image unlike the conventional lenses. Since the back focus is very limited, mirrorless and one-shot cooled cameras only work for the infinity focus.  Smaller than APS-C format sensors allow to set LPS-D1 and V4 52mm(or 48mm) with a stepping ring, without any spectrum shift issue.

P6080750stmjss7844, 7840(helical focuser for infinity), 7843 and each camera adapter(5013 for Sony E mount) are needed to complete the optical system.



~ by tedishikawa on June 18, 2014.

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