IDAS HEUIB-II Filter, 125SD Bino & IAS (Astronomy Show in UK)

IDAS HEUIB-II filter creates very good image result with modified DSLRs at relatively dark site. It more isolates Ha region than UIBAR or regular UV/IR blocking. As a result, it minimizes reddish background while maintaining Ha signal with especially modified DSLRs. Since HEUIB-II allows to capture more different color signal than LPS-D1’s and LPS-V4’s, it makes each star more colorful and different. These users’ images should describe that.

Pelican wBorg60EDBORG 60ED F4 + modified Nikon D5100 w/HEUIB-II By Paul Chasse

By the way, I saw his very unique setup. He is actually going “BORG-WAY”. System fully depends on each user’s flexible idea. If some of other BORG users have other unique setup, please send the image to me for sharing with other users.


Following was taken by Scott Denning.

antares.85mm.15min1Canon 85mm F1.2 (@F2.5) + modified 40D w/HEUIB-II

Both are gorgeous images.

My favorite filter is LPS-V4. But I understand losing star colors while maintaining dark and neutral background. So I summarize  as follows

HEUIB-II : ideal for modified DSLRs. but should be used under relatively dark sky

LPS-V4 : heavily light polluted sky or faint nebulosity. We have to accept losing star colors.

LPS-D1 : good compromise between above 2.

All are the research grade optical filters fully produced in Japan and give us more fun for astro imaging under different sky conditions.

AOK Swiss – Hutech’s long-time partner made large binoscope platform. Followings are the one with last batch of two 125SDs.


20140524_Ahorn_hell_1200x800 SONY DSC SONY DSC

According to AOK Swiss, the platform is very stable and smooth. I believe the mount should be easily capable of handling other brand 5″ scopes too. AOK plans to release the motorized tracking version near future. This large and small platform will be displayed at IAS show in England this weekend. Beat Kholer and I will be at Hutech booth there.

Hutech’s British partners – First Light Optics (next to Hutech) and Ian King will demonstrate several BORG telescopes too. Please stop by our booth to see and feel our products during IAS show.


~ by tedishikawa on June 4, 2014.

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