BORG 50/2.8 & 90FL

We are scheduling to start shipping

– 50mm/F2.8 : End of this month

– 90FL : End of July


DSC05926Xs DSC05975sBORG 50mm/F2.8 (@F5.6) with Sony Alpha 7R, no cropped

(Mt.Fuji was shot from Shinkansen=bullet train. Beautiful mountain)

Looks well resolved even with high resolution camera like a7R. I believe these images describe very good MTF curves.

90FL(7108 北アメリカ星雲 Hα)90FL + 7108(1.08x flattener) + SBIG ST-8300M through Ha filter

P6010019xxxst90FL + Olympus E-P5

DSC03870s90FL whole optical system

90FL/500mm might be virtually longest possible length while maintaining compactness. 89ED is similar objective size. But 100mm longer. So it’s tough to handle without tripod.  90FL must be wonderful specs in optical quality as fluorite, size and optical speed. This is F5.6 native speed. But as mentioned many times here, BORG’s F5.6 feels like something around F4 to F4.8 in conventional telephoto lenses. And the sharp in full aperture.




~ by tedishikawa on June 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “BORG 50/2.8 & 90FL”

  1. but the Borg 90 FL with flattener 1.08x 7108, full frame 36x24mm?

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