BORG as Fluorite

As mentioned several times here, 9omm fluorite is scheduled to be released this summer. 55FL/F4.5 will be comping up next. That will be 5th fluorite. Planned more. Following is one of the article page of this month’s Japanese camera magazine, describing Canon lenses and Canon fluorite.

DSC03828s It says Canon fluorite is used in BORG telescopes too.

And take a look at the true fluorite power.

P5245717A3BL-0671FL + Olympus E-PL1 taken by Yotsuaki Yamazaki

Another wonderful rocket launching shot with 36ED. Both shots were taken 4km away.

P5249288A3LLT-06By Yamazaki

By the way, this is 18 consecutive launching success by JAXA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry. Japan is more aiming at the commercial launching service built and organized by private company such as Mitsubishi. One of key payloads was the advanced land observatory satellite called “DAICHI-2”, which is capable to resolve 1 to 3m objects at the land by L-band radar instead of the conventional optical system. This will allow to observe through clouds.

Details of DAICHI-2

Nik-D80-170k-S130 outputFirefly, 71FL F3.8 + Nikon D800, composite of 6″ exposure each by Ikenouchi


All are very clean and high color contrast.

~ by tedishikawa on May 28, 2014.

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