Sony Alpha 7S & IDAS Filter

Sony Alpha 7S – sensitivity mastered was unveiled at NBA last month and its price was officially announced today. It will be available end of June at $2,499.00. While I wish Canon will introduce the similar specs – larger pixel size called like 6DS, I start preparing for the astro modification for Sony E-mount camera too.


This should be really great sensitivy in extremely low light condtion like astro photography and videography.

One of good things for mirrorless cameras like Sony E-mount is the short flange back, which allows to set IDAS-proprietary LPS filter between a lens and full-frame sensor body. Unfortunately it’s not possible to set a filter into Canon full frame sensor at this moment, since a mirror interferes with a fitler. Current MFA-II is designed for some of Canon EF-E mount adapters as follows;



I will more describe IDAS MFA-II with Sony E-mount camera system later. If someone who own A7 or A7R are looking for the solution to block light pollution for wide-field astrophotography, this the one. Some of lens adapters still electrically controls the aperture. Lens has to be Canon EF or 3rd party’s EF-mounted lens though. I will mention which adapters fit IDAS MFA-II later.

~ by tedishikawa on May 16, 2014.

4 Responses to “Sony Alpha 7S & IDAS Filter”

  1. I have been drooling over these cameras since their introduction to use for astrophotography. Unfortunately, there is no way to interface to an intervalometer (yet). Oh well, the A7s could probably do very well with just 30 second in-camera exposures at ISO 100,000….:)

    • Paul,

      I hope some astro software will support the control of Sony Alpha camera soon. Or someone modify remote timer controller. Let’s wait and see.


  2. Ted, DSLR Bot will do it with IR, but that means leaving a smart device or tablet at the mount to control the camera.

    A better solution, if you’re handy with a soldering iron, is this one demonstrated here >

    I hope someone will eventually wake up and realize the potential sales opportunity they are missing.

  3. I would like to purchase the IDAS MFA-II in conjunction with LPS-D1 and HEUIB-II for use on my A7r and A7s. Is this available for sale yet?

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