BORG Astro Test

I just made the initial test for following 67FL F3.8. This is the fastest speed among BORG astrographs. The optical system covers up to APS-C sized sensor.

B06738asHelical focuser

b06738sFTF-M57 version

Following is the test result. Since the image result was heavily light polluted, it was turned to greyscale. The camera used was the modified EOS-M.



The illumination is very flat entire APS-C sensor. I will try to use with my modified EOS-M camera next time. I hope it can fully cover the entire Veil.  Optical system comprises 67mm fluorite and 0.85x reducer. This F3.8 should be something like F3.3 or closer to F2.8 in conventional telephoto lenses. Unfortunately, I don’t have the telephoto lenses to be compared though. If your camera is not as large as full frame, and if you are looking for faster speed and wider field, this is the one.  Sharp and fast!!

Next, this might be the 1st star test attempt by newly coming BORG 50mm f.l./F2.8 lens.

DSC06052jsBORG 50mm F2.8 @F5.6 with Sony Alpha 7R, non-tracking 10″ at ISO 8000

This looks promissing performance too. I belive this optics creates clean star edge. I will keep updated on this optics as well.




~ by tedishikawa on May 13, 2014.

One Response to “BORG Astro Test”

  1. Very nice results Ted. Nice flat stars from corner to corner.
    The A7r result looks interesting. That could be ‘the’ astro camera, but the lack of an intervalometer leaves it out of consideration, too bad.

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