Hutech Special Sale

I’d like to make following special offer for very rare items this time.

1) BORG 7866 – 0.66x triplet super reducer

This was one of Pentax-made optics. Although I had many inquiries even after discontinued, I kept it. But I decide to release Hutech demo unit now. It’s still in perfect condition including optics. No smudge and spot on optics at all. Original price was $449.00. Demo price is $350.00

7866It is compatible with 300mm to 500mm focal length. It fully covers up to APS-C sensor. Camera adapter is not included.  ——-> Sold out


2) XY finder

This is an another popular item.

This item has been discontinued. But fortunately the manufacturer has built up only several units for Hutech recently. This is a new item at $159.00

xyIt has T-thread male and female. You can convert to C-thread male with ScopeStuff’s adapter for C-mount camera.





~ by tedishikawa on May 8, 2014.

One Response to “Hutech Special Sale”

  1. how do i purchase a XY finder

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