Like LPS-D1, now LPS-V4 is available as the MFA built-in type for Canon APS-C sized sensor cameras too.

We have realized there is one issue for new MFA setting.

2nd generation of MFAs – parts # (MFA37 and D1-EOS/V4-EOS) are originally designed in complianace with Canon EF mount specifications. This toolless design’s MFA is securely held by EF lens’s male bayonet. But we have recently noticed most of the conventional telescope T-rings available in the market are not produced in Canon specs. As a result, too loose to hold. It means the conventional T-ring doesn’t go deep enough to hold like original EF lens. As far as we tested, BORG and Takahashi – made telescope adapters are Canon compliant. So there is no issue for those users who own BORG and Takahashi adapters.

The solution for generic t-rings is to fill such a gap with the black felt supplied by IDAS.

1) Only use with T-ring (no plan to use EF lenses)

Cut black felt supplied into two and put them onto MFA holder itself like following picture.


2) Use of both EF lens and telescope(via generic T-ring)

Set these black felt onto t-ring’s bayonet section instead of MFA like


This arrangement allows you to switch Canon lens and telescope with generic T-ring time to time while keeping a filter in the camera body all the time.






~ by tedishikawa on May 5, 2014.

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