Since LPS-D1 was released end of last year, we already shipped very good number of units in short period. As expected, D1 filter is getting very popular these days.  Thanks for choosing D1 filters.

Now new MFAs are available. New version doesn’t require any tool. Like 1st generation FF-type, it is the friction setting again.  Following is the built-in D1 MFA (Part # LPS-D1-EOS). It fits any Canon APS-C sensor cameras. This is more cost-effective way because of one-frame.


And 2nd generation of MFA is available as part # MFA37. This 37mm-threaded frame allows to set any IDAS 37mm filter like previous version.  But no tool and no screw to be used.

mfa37MFA37 with UIBAR-37

Enjoy astro imaging with premium quality of IDAS filters.


~ by tedishikawa on April 3, 2014.

4 Responses to “LPS-D1-EOS & MFA37”

  1. does it work with EOS-M? thanks

  2. Hi
    How can I buy one of these from you?

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