BORG 50/f2.8

BORG 50/f2.8, expected to be released this summer, should give us high quality pictures as well as the fun to use camera manually.

50mmF2[1].8(X-E1)50/f2.8 + 7844 + 7840 + 7843 + 5016 + Fuji X-E1

This configuration allows to reach the focus from the infinity to 1m distance. Longer helical focuser – 7842 and 7841 make the closer. But we lose the infinity instead. So 7840 should be best overall.

50mmF2[1].8(桜4) 50mmF2[1].8(桜5)As one of Fuji X users, I believe BORG optics and Fuji X-Trans sensor along with imaging processor should be perfect match. As shown, this creates clean and color depth. X camera doesn’t [positively at least for me]  show crisp sharp edge (generally shown at JPEG by most of other brands). But well resolved and the details are fully reproduced even at high ISO. Maybe I can say looking soft but well resolved.  Current EVF makes manual focusing quite easy and fun.


~ by tedishikawa on April 2, 2014.

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