Birds with BORG

These are nice bird pictures taken through different BORGs.

First, these are taken by a professional wildlife photographer – Rei Ohara.

aDSCF2481Bald Eagle, 89ED Black  BORG + Fuji X-T1

aDSCF2548Baby Pelican, 89ED Black BORG + Fuji X-T1

His blog shows how he is carrying 89ED and all of  his rigs including camera. This is the comfortable backpack-capable 600mm telephoto lens. As mentioned several times here, the combination of BORG and Fuji camera reproduces great color depth. This image shows that too.


 DSCF0628r3_589DSCF0661rup_590Red-flanked bluetail, 77EDII + Fuji X-E1 by Nishida

梅メジロ2 梅メジロ1Japanese White-eye with cherry blossom  71FL + Olympus E-M5 by Masatune Takmura


~ by tedishikawa on March 27, 2014.

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