Southern Hemisphere and BORG Pamphlet

The astro legendary Alan Dyer, known as co-author of the long seller book [Backyard Astronomy’s Guide] sent me recent his gorgeous image from Southern hemisphere. This is great book!! I have both editions. Highly recommended.


carinaHe is enjoying astro imaging with his BORG 77ED F4.3 astorgraph and 5DIIH w/option T camera.


Recently BORG made the excellent pamphlet in Japanese. Great color and  print quality!! Because of so beautiful finish, I decided to share with you even if it is printed in Japanese.  Instead I made PDF-based English version available online.


This printed version be available at the show, will be enclosed in the shipping box and be distributed to each dealer, etc.

PDF-based English version is now downloadable at [BLACK BORG PAMPHLET] as well as BORG catalog section.

If you have the chance to get the printed version, enjoy the beautiful pictures while reading English texts online.

Unfortunately, online version is compressed much. So it’s so hard to see on computer screen how the printed moon picture is so contrasty and sharp.


~ by tedishikawa on March 25, 2014.

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