Hinode SG Capability

One of common questions on Hinode is its ability of the guiding accuracy.  As you know, it is very hard to describe scientifically because of greatly depending on other factors such as mount’s backlash,  accuracy of polar alignment,  air turbulence(probably this should be major factor) and hardware’s differential flexure etc.

Instead, describing the minimal detection value to the moving object at lab should make sense and more realistic.

Hinode can detect position errors on the order of 1 arc second with a lab light source, and that the smallest correction it will make is 100ms, which corresponds to 1.5 arc seconds at 2x(1x) guide rate and 0.75 arc seconds at 0.5x guide rate.

We will add this lab data at the Hinode page.

Also following is the recent video uploaded.  This video shows the image scale 10 arc minutes vertically during 3 hours. Keep in mind this was done with a stocked Celestron AVX mount, and point the mount to the north without using any device.  Just guess setting by eye.


~ by tedishikawa on March 10, 2014.

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