I thought Series 60 configuration with 36ED should be more suitable for astronomical setup. Here is one recommended example.

36astsSet # B03660A

If Mini Borg users are interested in further shorter focal length, this should allow you to minimize the cost to change to 36ED system.  System configuration is

2036(or 2037 as black) – 7524 – M57014 – 7857 – 7604 – 7523 – 7110 – camera adapter

This is configuration for DSLRs. Mirrorless cameras require 7603 instead of M57014.

Set # 036660B for mirrorless cameras.

This is 220mm/F6 optics covering up to APS-C sensors.

7857 may be replaced with 7860 or 7861. Also extension tubes can be changed as long as it will be right total length. One of biggest advantage for this is to allow to use tube rings (7060) for more secure setup.

If someone wish to use Feather Touch focuser, following AOK’s adapter allows to complete the system.

36edftfs2036 – 7524 – M57-FTF – Feather Touch 2″ – 7425 – 7523 – 7110

This allows to reach focus at the infinity.


~ by tedishikawa on January 20, 2014.

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