Hinode SG Now Shipped

After long-time field test, it is the time to officially announce Hinode SG is now commercially available and we have shipped units based on the pre-order list.


Following setup can be done.

1) Coronado solarscopes : Optional mounting bar(part #CMB) allows to set the unit at the top of the scopes.


2) Lunt solarscopes : Televue quick release bracket (part # QRB-1002) allows to set the Hinode at the top and to quickly set like finder scope. If Sol-Searcher is used, QRB-1002 should be replaced with Hinode SG. Don’t worry, Hinode SG has quick sun-finding functions too.


3) Any other regular scopes : Hinode SG’s dovetail bar is designed for virtually any finder base. So you can set it like finder bracket.

4) Dovetail bar also has holes and a slot like conventional universal plates, which allows to set piggyback setup like

setupHinode SG will be available at Hutech dealers too. Enjoy solar viewing as well as imaging with it!! We are planning 2nd and 3rd Hinode products.


~ by tedishikawa on January 16, 2014.

2 Responses to “Hinode SG Now Shipped”

  1. Great news can’t wait to get mine.


  2. Just received mine, very well packed, now just need this cyclone to hurry up and cross the Queensland coast so the sun can come out.

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