Fuji X-E2 for Astro Targets

X-E2 is working very well for astronomical use too. The result might be better than I expected. See following lunar and solar shots. This single image was taken in JPEG and only properly stretched. No other software adjustment including sharpness or noise reduction applied. Surprisingly no noise is showing up even the image is over-stretched. Why why??? Also file size is very small. JPEG finest mode is only 500kb. The under-exposure area like background looks like thrown away.

moon125SD + X-E2

Also I found out digital split focusing might be useful for astro targets. It was totally not for daytime regular shots though.

sunSolarscope 50 filter + BORG 50FL + Fuji X-E2, through thin clouds

Only Levels were applied. No adjusting color balance either. This camera is the 1st DSLRs which allows me to easily show me the surface and prominence at the same time. Again, even if I over-stretched, the image was not destroyed. It’s very surprise. This is my 1st attempt in JPEG. After more playing it around, probably I hope I can get better result. I will try to shoot in RAW next time too. At least I can feel wide dynamic range even in JPEG. Probably this DR capability makes me feel the color depth for regular color pictures.

After these my initial results, I don’t hesitate recommending X-E2. Only one I wish is to have vari-angle EVF. Built-in EVF is good even pointing to the sun though. But that’s probably losing body design. So the fixed one is OK for me anyway.

Fuji, as one of film manufacturers in the past, is doing great job to creates film-like images. This is biggest advantage for Fuji. Probably “Provia-like” and “Velvia-like”, that must be their basic design concept. I like Fuji’s natural and wide latitude image tuning and capability very much.

This result make me seriously considering the modification for Deepsky. I still don’t want to lose these wonderful color balance and depth originally set. Or I should own two……..


~ by tedishikawa on December 11, 2013.

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