BORG 67 FL will be available next week. This is 300mm/F4.5 fluorite optics.

67fl667mm fluorite

67fl7[#2567] the objective assembly for series 60

Like 71FL, it can be converted into Series 80 system too. That should be more suitable for astrophotography since series 80 allows to use FTF. Following astrograph set will be available.

67FL F3.8 (with 7885 reducer)

This optical system is capable of covering up to APS-C sized sensor. So this should be perfect match with Sony H694/H814 sensors and Truesense KAF8300. If you have such size of sensor, and are looking for faster speed and wider field of view, this is the one. The  dedicated super reducer for covering full frame  is expected to be available 3rd or 4 quarter of next year.

Black version will be available too.


~ by tedishikawa on November 30, 2013.

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