One-shot color

We start playing around a cooled one-shot color camera to see how OSC camera performs, comparing with the monochrome ones. Yes, the monochrome is ideal. But I wanted to see how OSC can get close to the ideal. This is 1st shot with SBIG STF-8300C, BORG 71FL F3.9 and Ha filter, taken by our Jimmy Nguyen.

imageBelieve or not, this was taken with OSC camera. It looks pretty good Ha image at least to me. The details are well resolved and shown up.  Looks good dynamic range and resolution. This result more encourages us to use recent Sony OSC sensors such as 694 and 814. They are smaller pixels (should contribute the resolution) and higher sensitivity. Also this reminds me these small pixel sensors are definitely perfect match with BORG astrographs.


~ by tedishikawa on November 22, 2013.

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