Fujifilm X-E2 -2

Fujifilm X-E2 is really fun to use in manual mode.  I’m very pleased at the overall performance.

I noticed fast shutter speed minimizes the image shaking issue. Thanks for super fast 67FL F4.5. This is 300mm/F4.5 telephoto lens. The actual speed feels like F3.3 or something like that. I’d like verify while comparing with conventional telephoto lens.  These were taken at 1/4000″. After shot, I realized they were still overexposed. So I had to set down ISO. I wish to have 1/8000″.

67fl5 67fl4BORG 67FL + Fuji X-E2

Also I set El-Nikkor 50mm.

xe2nikkorWith El-Nikkor/F2.8 and BORG M42 helical focuser

xe2nikkor1Good macro lens and camera

X-E2, this is actually what I was seeking for!! The image quality is the top of the line and good design for manual operation. Focus peaking is good enough for manual focusing. I still look forward to the next generation of digital split technology though. I don’t see any noisy background which was common in other brand cameras. These are simple JPEG format. There is nothing specially set.  Image is very clean and deep color. Excellent!!


~ by tedishikawa on November 13, 2013.

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