Fujifilm X-E2

Finally X-E2 arrived this morning. Immediately I played it around with BORG 71FL.

e2X-E2 with 67FL prototype, system including a camera is fully produced in Japan

test2 test1These are initial test shots. The function I expected most was “digital split focusing”. This reminds me of old film camera. I was curious how it digitally worked. Unfortunately, it looks still early engineering stage to me.  It might be too early to conclude though. But instead, X-E2’s focus peaking was perfect. It was precise and clear enough for my needs. It made me quite easy to focus manually. No guess work at all!  Probably BORG’s high contrast optics might make the peaking point clearer to see.  One day I want to test and see how peaking is different between sharp optics and so-so if I have the chance. Anyway, my initial experience assured me 67FL + X-E2 is the best combination. Only issue is how to stabilize holding the scope since the camera has no image stabilizer. That should be what I will learn and experience most. The image quality is super. Very pleasing result. As I was told, Fujifilm X-trans sensor and image processor creates clean, low noise, crisp and wide color depth image. I highly recommend X-E2 camera.

I’m also curious how X-E2 will perform for astronomy. Especially, I’m expecting this should be better for lunar and solar imaging than any other DSLRs. I will test for the sun shortly.


~ by tedishikawa on November 12, 2013.

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