QSI Adapter for BORG Astrographs

Now BORG ED 0.65x super reducer can be used with QSI WSG cover (OAG mode).  The following ring plate is replaced with the ones provided as standard. This adapter is only needed for 0.65x super reducer. Any other field flatteners and reducers don’t require this kind of special adapter. They still optically and mechanically work with BORG parts from off the shelf.


M498WSG1Unfortunately, I don’t have WSG cover handy

Keep in mind WSG’s front opening must be the recent larger type. Previous one is too small for reducer’s rear lens element. I’m not sure when QSI changed the opening size. Please check their recent drawing.

QSI Drawing PDF

Now following astrograph systems can be used in QSI OAG mode.

125SD F3.9

89ED F4.3

77EDII F4.3

and previous version such as 100ED and 101ED etc.


~ by tedishikawa on November 5, 2013.

5 Responses to “QSI Adapter for BORG Astrographs”

  1. That is interesting Ted. I didn’t know that there were any adaptors for the 0.65x reducer for CCD cameras. I have been assuming if I wanted to use a CCD that various spacers would be needed.
    If adaptors are available I would consider moving up to a CCD for my astrophotography.
    Are there any other adaptors available other than QSI?

    • Chris

      0.65x reducer works with most of CFW/CCD cameras. Major problem WAS/IS off-axis guider setup. Most of OAGs are too long. But QSI’s built-in OAG design is short enough even for 0.65x reducer. But only problem was BORG # 7522’s internal diameter is too small for the reducer’s rear element. So this adapter was made.

      If you don’t use OAG, you have various options to select CCD cameras.


  2. Thanks Ted
    So just to be sure, with this adaptor the QSI OAG camera connects directly to the super reducer without any other spacers?

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