IDAS LPS filters got fortunately very popular since it was released around 15 years ago.  Taking this opportunity, I’d like to thank all of you all over the world for using it.  I’m glad IDAS brand has got well known as the manufacturer of Japanese high quality astronomical filters since then.  IDAS proprietary multiband coating technology is still unique design in the industry.

Now IDAS tweaked LPS-P2 to more optimize for one-shot color and modified DSLRs cameras. Following is the response curve called “LPS-D1”.


Key concept on LPS-D1 is to reduce the reddish background cast  like HEUIB-II while blocking light pollution as much as it can. Although LPS-P2 is effectively blocking light pollution while retaining good color balance comparing with other brand filters,  it was not as good as HEUIB-II at shown at following my test when color camera was used.

LPS-D1 is our answer.

LPS-D1 will be available at 48mm, 52mm, 37mm with MFA for Canon and square for Nikon from next month. Larger sizes such as  72mm, 77mm and 82mm will be next year.  This new filter is produced with following manufacturing technologies to achieve one of highest quality optical filters in the market.

As the response curve indicates, LPS-D1 loses SII emission line while LPS-P2 didn’t.  So this is why basically intended to be used with one-shot color cameras.

Meanwhile, LPS-P2 will be still available at following unmounted sizes.




So it will be intended to be installed into CFW and mainly used as L filter. These LPS-P2 unmounted are expected to be available early of next year.

All of current mounted LPS-P2 are only available from the stock. 48mm and 37mm have been sold out at the factory.    So please check the stock status of your local dealers or Hutech if you are looking for these sizes.

Also IDAS is planning to introduce quite new type of RGB and narrowband filter system next year. Please keep your eye on IDAS products.  Enjoy astro imaging more with the coming new IDAS filters.


~ by tedishikawa on October 22, 2013.

3 Responses to “IDAS LPS-D1”

  1. Would stacking an HEUIB-II and LPS P2 yield similar results with the inclusion of the sulphur line?

  2. […] pick up the new Hutech IDAS LPS- D1, with great LP filtering in addition to a balanced histogram: IDAS LPS-D1 | DigiBorg That way, I can image a bit longer on those nights with full moons I'm so fond of…. Hope you […]

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