BORG Mini-to-Mini

Piggyback setup for BORG Mini-to-Mini is always challenging. Especially two cameras are too close each other and scopes are very short – very limited tube locations. After try-and-error process, finally I found out one solution (at least it reaches my goal). I wanted to set Mini Borg guider at top of shortest astrograph. This is my result. Actually guide scope longer than imaging scope. Series 80 setup makes things easier. But 45ED F5.0 configuration is too short as series 80. Only way is to use AOK Swiss special adapter which allows a reducer to insert the focuser’s 2″ opening. Otherwise, we have to setup as Series 60.  BTW, tube rings (#7060) has M6 at the top. It’s not flat top. But as long as a plate is firmly set, I don’t feel any concern.

45edminiThis allows to fully orient 6DH for composing.  No interference with ST-5C(Yes, I’m still using!!, no trouble at all. ) Probably cooled cameras and mirrorless should be easier since they don’t have protrusive section like DLRS’s penta prism and holding grip.

This can be done for telephoto lens too. Set a guide scope bottom and set telephoto lens at the top.


~ by tedishikawa on October 18, 2013.

One Response to “BORG Mini-to-Mini”

  1. That looks like a great combination Ted. I worked up a similar kit, for the same reason.

    Here’s a link to my solution:

    Works great with the Orion MMAG kit.


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