BORG Short Focal Length

These are some of examples for short range among BORG astrograph family.  These should be best match with small pixel sensors like Truesense 8300 and Sony 694/814 chips.

1s36ED w/1.1x field flattener

1.1x flattener [part #7110] will be available early of next month. It makes the speed to F6.0. It’s a bit slow. But it should be still fast enough for cooled cameras.  The optical system covers up to APS-C sized sensors.

b04550s45ED F5.0 (#B04550)

B04550 is the shortest focal length which covers full frame sensors. This optical system creates very flat illumination and crisp sharpness entire full frame size. These two systems will be my gear for coming new moon. I will post the result here later on.



~ by tedishikawa on October 15, 2013.

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